Hi! I’m Shari and I’d love to share with you a little story about Beauty Pray Slay! First though let me give ya’ll a little backstory on me. I’m a Florida grown girl. I was born and raised in Miami, FL and currently residing in Riverview, FL. I’ve been blogging for 3 + years at this point. I’ve been through two blogs already but one day just decided to tear them down. I was in something of a funk and was NOT feeling blogging at all when once upon a time I loved it so.

That is until one day one the most unlikely day, at the most unlikely time and most unlikely place it hit me! It was a Saturday, I was watching my fiancee work out and we were on our first day the gym. The words BEAUTY PRAY SLAY hit me like a bag of bricks to my face. My first concern was how perfect it was and how I so prayed that the username wasn’t being used. So I checked Instagram and it was all clear as was Twitter. It all gave me the green light as if God paved this clear path for me to walk on so I took a hint and I did. Next and quite possibly my largest concern was will WordPress have it available? Here’s my dilemma I already had a site and I was concerned it wouldn’t let me do anything so being that I am currently in the business of simplifying my life I just deleted the blog all together. Because quite honestly I wasn’t feeling it anymore. Blogging didn’t resonate with me and it felt like a drag. Mostly because I felt like everything out there was already said and I had nothing to add.

So when this title hit me I kept it. I made it my Instagram handle and my Twitter handle. However, I recently have taken quite the liking to fitness and getting in shape so I made myself a fitness Instagram page. In my mind, that was it and I was good with it. I felt incomplete still so I decided to revamp my blog for the third time into something I felt God called me to do. I think God wants me to tell my story. I think God wants me to be the change I wish to see whether it be in beauty, fitness any everything in between.

BEAUTY – I love makeup. I love products. I have a true passion for the beauty world.

PRAY – I think its obvious. We all need Jesus. So yes we’ll have some faith posts here.

SLAY – Because we can slay our every day lives and simple moments

I hope this blog finds you and helps you as therapeutically as it’s already helped me.

With Love & lots of Guts,



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  1. Hello! Your blog name certainly caught my eye as I scrolled through WordPress ( it’s quite catchy & memorable). I have deleted many blogs because I was not feeling them anymore but I finally think that my current one is here to stay…thankfully & hopefully ;p.

    ~ Bre


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